What’s Dynamite Week without Jimmy Walker? Now c’mon!!

Firstly, I learned that it’s Jimmie, not Jimmy. Let’s get that straight.Now, let’s visit Jimmie J.J. Walker’s website. When you visit dynomitejj.com, you are greeted by a simple flash intro with two sticks of dynamite shaped like the letters “J” and “J”. These Jsticks explode after about 3 seconds so be prepared. Cover your eyes if you wish. Following the explosion you are greeted by an image of J.J. that was run through Photoshop’s cutout filter. You mut hit “enter” to get to the rest of the site. Not sure what function this page serves other than a designer showing the world that he knows how to use the cutout filter.

On the home page we see a black and white photo of J.J., some navigational elements, and an Adobe Illustrator 2.0 illustration of a giant stick of dynamite with words “Jimmie” and “dy-no-mite” superimposed on top of it. We also learn that Jimmie is an “actor, comedian, writer, and entertainer”. They left out dy-no-mite-iologist. Seriously though, I’ve heard that Jimmie Walker is notorious for refusing to say his classic catch phrase, “dy-no-mite!”. He never, ever does it. So, then why is there all this reference to dynamite in his website? very confusing.

Get a dose of J.J.’s views on various topics. Here’s one nugget: “Without a Cold War, or a foreign threat, and with an open border policy and the political correctness that’s in this country, the United States is in trouble.” Huh? no foreign threat? uh. there’s a word called “terrorism”, jimmie that you might want to learn about. There’s alot of info on this page. Get the shovel ready.

You can also see where his upcoming gigs are. Nothing near Chicago. Sorry. Alot of stuff in Vegas.

Best of all, you can purchase an autographed photo of Jimmie Walker for only 5 bucks! 5 bucks! and shipping is free! Can’t beat that! why I’d say that’s DY-NO-MITE!

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Matt Maldre
15 years ago

I bet he doesn’t say dynomite in person, yet has it all over his site, because he doesn’t want to be people’s slave. When someone asks him about dynomite, it’s like pushing a button. DO IT DO IT. But to have it on his website is like, his own choice.

Maybe when he meets people in person he just wants people to have a conversation with him and not treat him like a robot.

Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

It’s not surprising that he won’t say it… That Gary Coleman kid won’t say his catch-phrase of “Whatchoo Talkin about Willis?” either. It’s very disappointing.

These fomer celebs don’t mind profiting from the cliches they made famous, and using them to keep themselves in the public eyebut god forbid they be forced to say it in public. It seems like the height of hypocrisy to me.

Laura K. "skew"
Laura K. "skew"
15 years ago

I don’t blame him either. I love “Good Times”!

Question: why is your image of him so gif-y?

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

I like the gif-y style of the image. It’s so retro.

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