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How about that 100 meter butterfly men’s final race? Michael Phelps won his 7th gold tying Mark Spitz for the most golds won in one Olympics. We all knew we were witnessing history as this race began. And we all said, “oh no!” as the race finished thinking Michael Phelps finished second. But the replay shows he won. I have the most definitive evidence available. I put my Tivo into slow motion to show that he clearly won. NBC had great footage, but they didn’t do the slow-mo that I have. Please don’t throw this video on twitter or anything like that. I want the video to remain discrete so that youtube won’t pull it.

You can see that Phelps won starting at about the 30 second point in the video.

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Anon O' Mous
Anon O' Mous
11 years ago

That is great that you solved that mystery. Now if you could just fix the ridiculous way they score women’s gymnastics, we would be set

Mark R
Mark R
11 years ago

Amen to that…

Alicia Sacramone got robbed of a medal on the vault. Nastia Liukin got robbed of a gold on eneven bars. The chinese girls (obviously under 16), have been getting very favorable scores throughout the entire competition.

Having a panel of judges making a highly subjective rating of a performance will lead to trouble every time.

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