Darth Tater is coming

I’m surprised that spudart hasn’t picked up on this new product, Darth Tater.

“No need to freeze your copy of The Empire Strikes Back DVD searching for spuds among the asteroids — Playskool brings the elusive Star Wars potato to you! This dark side incarnation of Mr. Potato — Darth Tater — comes with lightsaber, cape, helmet, shoes, eyes, nose, teeth, and more!”

I don’t get the thing about “searching for spuds among the asteroids”, but this tool is very cool.

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Laura K.
15 years ago

is this endorsed by Lucasfilm?

those crazy eyes are freaking me out. Darth Vader doesn’t have eyes! he only has two little black screens to see out of! the eyes are humanizing something here that is NOT HUMAN.

i’ll wait for the Princess Leia potato head. Potato Leia! Potato Leia! Potato Leia! almost as popular as my ubiquitous halloween costume, Bagel Leia.

Laura K.
15 years ago


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