cool vintage menu design

It’s truly great when public institutions put extensive images of massive collections online. The United States Library of Congress is great and so is the British Library. Add the New York Public Library to that list with the Buttolph collection of menus. “What’s so special about menus?” you might ask. Just check them out and you’ll see the vintage beauty of graphic design (though a large percentage of them are pretty dumpy).

Tax dollars put to the betterment of our society. You don’t see corporations doing things like this. Just about any government has its enormous problems, but our great public institutions is one solid reason to be a government-loving Democrat rather than a corporation-loving Republican.

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Mark R
Mark R
14 years ago

I’m not sure how a graphic design collection in the form of menus is going to better society. Seems like we might have other more pressing needs especially in these economic times.

I understand that it’s easy to pick on the big bad businesses of the world given recent headlines (enormous executive salaries, fiscal irresponsibility, etc), but they also do a lot of good. They also contribute huge sums of money to public services and to the arts.

Furthermore, they can promote innovation and creativity, Who do you think those menus in that collection were for?