cigarette lighter branding iron

For a mere 20 bucks you can have your very own customized branding iron that fits onto a Cricket Electronic cigarette lighter by Shapeways.

I paid about $70 a few years back to have an iron made with my name and website (and no logo or graphic). I’m sure using this cigarette light hack will require a fair more amount of patience, but 20 bucks for your own custom logo? Nice. Very nice. I’ll probably get the unlikely moose logo made into a cigarette light branding iron. It’s a nice, simple design that should translate well.

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Mark R
Mark R
11 years ago

reminds me of all those idiotic guys in high school and college who branded themselves with cigarette lighters. Of course they didn’t have a fancy logo or anything. All they had was a stupid horse-shoe shaped scar from the metal part of the lighter. Some people’s stupidity is boundless.

Mark R
Mark R
11 years ago

my brother was one of those idiotic guys in high school.

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