cheapest Christmas album

Amazon is currently offering a 99 song Christmas album for $2. That’s $0.02 per song. Use the link below to get this Amazon Exclusive.

UPDATE: 1/14/2011
Here’s the album’s list of artists. The number following the artist(s) name is number of songs represented.

Oxford St. Peter’s Choir – 18
Bonn Classical Philharmonic and Heribert Beissel – 10 (All songs from Nutcracker Suite)
Ama Deus Ensemble – 9
Bonn Classical Philharmonic – 8 (All songs from Nutcracker Suite)
Atlanta Symphony Chorus, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Robert Shaw – 7
Moscow Conservatory Chamber Orchestra – 6
Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra, Heilbronn – 6
Musica Antiqua New York – 4
Musica Bohemica – 1
Amor Artis Chamber Choir – 1
Armand Belien – 1
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra – 2
Basel Brass Quintet – 1
Berlin Mozart Choir – 1
Basel Brass Quintet – 2
Berlin Mozart Choir – 1
Concerto – 1
Collegium Aureum – 1
Emmy Verhey, Camerata Antonio Lucio and Alun Francis – 1
Hermann Prey – 1
Jurgis Grinkiavichius – 1
London Regency Choir – 1
The Mantovani Orchestra – 1
Mary Jane Newman and Clavin Wiersma – 1
Michael Ponti – 2
Peter Schmalfuss – 1
Prima Choir – 2
Regency Youth Choir – 1
St Paul’s Cathedral Choir – 1
Susanne Doll – 1
SWR Symphony Orchestra – 1
Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra, Simi Studio Choir And Jansug Kakhidze – 1
Vienna Academy Chorus & Vienna Chamber Orchestra – 1
Vienna Volksoper Orchestra – 1
There are one or two artists that I listed as one song when it should be two.

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Matt Maldre

is the album any good?

Tom Saaristo

You get what you pay for, I always say

CAPTCHA: youre56 … no I’m not, but thannks for the compliment


There is nothing showing up for me! 🙁


You know why I wasn’t seeing anything? Adblock. Adblock was blocking the amazon iframe. Laaaame.

That is a lot of songs. Someone should do a “best of” compilation of THIS cd.

Matt Maldre

If you have been listening to this album, then why don’t i see it in your stream?