yea, like that

It is my desire to paint in a style similar to Paul Ferney’s technique demonstrated in his cake series. Ferney’s blog here.

macbook cutting board

from Eine Verneigung aus Apfelbaumholz vor dem Design des legendren Apple MacBook Pro! Schneidebrett, Vesperbrett, Untersetzer, oder einfach ein Objekt zum Anfassen. Oberflche lebensmittelvertrglich gelt. Erhltlich in drei Grssen:13″ (325 x 227 mm)15″ (364 x 249 mm)17″ (393 x 267 mm)>>>Versand wieder ab 13. Dezember 2010

destroy destroy destroy has photos of a bunch of destroyed Apple products. I like the yellow nano shown above. It looks like it’s dancing. This project is by michael tompert and paul fairchildphotos by michael tompert and paul fairchild

ipad screen as giant camera

Let’s get crazy here, real crazy. I want Apple’s iPad to have crazy camera skills. Forget about the silly little pin-sized circle that currently acts as the iPad’s camera. I want the ENTIRE SCREEN to function as a light-sensitive imaging chip. So that 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology would also …

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cheapest tablet

I have to admit I’m intrigued by the $99 Walgreens tablet. It’s the Maylong M-150 Middie Universe Tablet Powered by Android. Certainly the iPad is far superior in every aspect. Yet forking over $500 for the iPad is quite an investment. What intrigues me about Walgreens’ tablet is that someone on a tight budget who …

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living room in a PC

I strangely feel a very strong connection to this living room in a computer. Perhaps it dates back to my years as a tech guy. Or maybe it’s my pack rat nature crying out. I do have an Apple G3 tower (circa 1999) that I absolutely refuse to toss because I want to convert it …

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lightsabers on the wii rule

I bought Star Wars the Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels/Jedi Alliance for Nintendo wii. If there’s ever a video game that I’m sucker for, it’s one that has open battles with lightsabers. Game on. Sign me up. I’m not a picky gamer. Heck, I’m not really even a gamer. (Though I’ll school anyone on Super Mario …

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you did what?!

Recently the blog, 30-Year Old Cardboard, featured the 1972 Topps Traded card for HOF’er Steve Carlton. It cracks me up how Topps used the font “Stencil” for the word “TRADED” and they made the graphic extra large. It makes it seem like Carlton is like rotten eggs. Surely Carlton’s expression in the photo suggests that …

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