iron man jacket

I’m looking for a warm winter jacket. Enter the Eddie Bauer North Slope All-Purpose Down Parka. I have a decent store credit and it was 40% off. Its weather rating is “Arctic Cold, Tested to -30F”. The EBNSAPDP is “a heavy-duty coat originally designed for commercial industrial use. Fully seam-sealed WeatherEdge technology and 600 fill …

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Nikon 1 R2-D2 mod

Ok. Who is going to be the first person to do a Nikon 1 R2-D2 mod? The pop-up flash on the Nikon 1 screams R2-D2. And the body on the Nikon is available in white. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? R2-D2 all the way! Even the rounded sides of the Nikon 1 …

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Kindles and cameras

A few basic notes from my visit tonight at Best Buy AMAZON KINDLES The Fire is nice especially for it’s price, but it’s really only suitable for casual intermittent internet browsing. If you’re looking to supplant a computer for basic tasks like email and internet, then you’re better off with the iPad. The Fire is …

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multi-function mouse

Why does a computer mouse have to have just one function? I want a pair of scissors to be my computer mouse. It can cut paper AND navigate my computer. With all these multi-function devices in our world, how has the computer mouse remained in a state of singularity? This idea came to me when …

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I’m in trouble

While at Toys R Us the other day, I came across this new building block toy called Nanoblocks. They’re super small. So small in fact that a 2×4 Nanoblock is the exact same width and depth as a 1×2 LEGO brick. See below. I like ’em. I really like ’em a lot. But I don’t …

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how to pronounce “Nikon”

Nothing interesting about this commercial except how they pronounce “Nikon” at the 26 second mark. Apparently it’s pronounced “nick-ON”, not “NIGH-con”. Yea, it shocked me too! I will try to adopt this proper pronunciation.