my eyes hurt

I am tired of websites that put large chunks of white type on black backgrounds. does it and so does Great sites, but hard to read. That’s funny cuz they are photography sites. You would think they would be sensitive to visual matters such as this.

ipod acessories galore

The iPod is a cultural phenomenon. What’s really amazing is to see all the iPod accessories available. I put together a bunch of iPod accessories on one page. So far there are over 80 iPod-related items. I included links at the bottom to all the photos. It’s quite remarkable to see all these accessories in …

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My iMac story

The last time I bought a computer for myself was in February 2000. That’s almost five years ago. I like to say that I am the very first owner of a Powerbook with Firewire. Back in late 1999, I was dying to buy my own Powerbook but there were many rumors that Apple would be …

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build your own eMac!

Well, it won’t have the RAM, processor, motherboard, video card, sound card, hard drive, dvd-rw, cpu cooler, fans, power supply, or monitor. But you will look oh so chic when you have your very own paper eMac sitting at your desk (or any place for that matter.) So what are you waiting for? Just print …

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Quark XPress 6.2 or 6.5

Apple Insider has an interesting article on the future of Quark XPress. Apparently Quark is nervous that Adobe InDesign is stealing their thunder and rightfully so. They say to expect Quark 6.2 or Quark 6.5, whatever number they decide on, to be out this summer. Um… It’s the middle of August. There isn’t much summer …

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no Powerbook G5 in 2004

Don’t plan on buying Apple’s Powerbook G5 this year. The chip is just too hot (temperature-wise). Apple was clever with the G4 and made the enclosure out of metal, then aluminum. Apparently the G5 would make the aluminum enclosure into a frying pan. Side tip: don’t place a hot frying pan on your lap. And …

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