my old watch (still an option to buy)

I. Kenneth Cole 3565 $95This is the watch that I lost. This is the model that all other watches are compared against. I bought this watch around 1999. link to post showing all 15 watches in this review

Kenneth Cole watch review #2

H. Kenneth Cole 3485 $125another simple watch. This one has a rectangle face which is quite trendy these days. I still need to decide if the numbers, “12”, “3”, “6”, and “9” are too big. The numbers are the same size as watch “I”. However, the quadrupled amount of numbers on this watch may look …

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round tech watch review

F. Kenneth Cole “Going in Circles” $85I think this watch is very sharp. I’m digging on the font used for the numbers. It is almost identical to the font used in the logo. And the numbers are just the right size. I’m glad they didn’t make the numbers too big. Too many watches out …

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Adobe laptop bag

“The ultimate bag for the creative professional” That’s what Adobe is calling its new messenger bag. It looks pretty nice. It has a nice 1.6-1.8MM tumbled leather flap. There’s external routing strips that let you streamline your wires. whatever that means. And it has all the other kind of stuff you expect from a laptop …

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