best ever signature on U.S. dollar bills

image courtesy of New York Magazine via Yahoo Word on the street is that Jack Lew is going to be appointed the Sec. of Treasury. What’s that matter for a blog about art, design, technology and other chicago hot dog randomness? Lew’s signature. It is simply pure awesomeness.

I’m watching you

This illustration of the Nikon D600 Fn Button looks like an angry eye. I know what you’re thinking. Four months of no blog posts and THIS is the first effort?

weird note

I found a Post-It note in my boiler room with the following note: No time for cameras. We’ll use our eyes instead. I see flashes. I have no idea what this means.

Digital Derby Auto Raceway

I was cleaning the basement and came across this family toy. It’s the Digital Derby Auto Raceway from 1978. This was a favorite toy in the Maldre house, especially with my twin brother. I popped in two C batteries and unfortunately it didn’t start up even though the battery compartment looked pretty clean. The term …

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desktop folders

Usually on my computer’s desktop there is a folder called “clean up”. Recently I was downloading stock images of floors. That folder was randomly placed below the “clean up” folder resulting in a new message.