stop sign font

Do a Google Image search for “stop sign” and you’ll be blambasted with countless signs displaying a wide array of fonts used for the word, “STOP”. The FHWA MUTCD has the final say. What’s the FHWA MUTCD? It’s the United States of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Now, doesn’t that …

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office window

For ten years I worked on the 24th floor of the Oakbrook Terrace Tower in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. Recently I came across the image above showing the view from my desk. It was a unique building. Firstly, it’s the tallest building in Illinois outside Chicago (31 stories). Secondly, we had a completely unobstructed view from …

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2015 Grammys Best Album Cover Winner and Nominees

Here’s the 2015 “Grammys Best Recording Package” nominees. Lightning Bolt [WINNER]Don Pendleton, Jeff Ament, Don Pendleton, Joe Spix & Jerome Turner, art directors(Pearl Jam) Formosa Medicine ShowDavid Chen & Andrew Wong, art directors (The Muddy Basin Ramblers) Indie CindyVaughan Oliver, art director (Pixies) LP1Jesse Kanda (site NSFW), art director (FKA Twigs) WhispersSarah Larnach, art director …

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2006 Christmas card

2006 Christmas card

On the morning of December 1st, 2006, there was a perfect snowstorm. It was the kind of snow that is perfect for making snowmen or making custom Christmas cards. I looked out the window, saw the snow and I immediately knew what that year’s Christmas card was going to be. It wasn’t that hard shoveling …

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Sweet Tomatoes suggestions

The very essence of buffet-style restaurants allows for creative development of available food items. Here’s a few tips when visiting Sweet Tomatoes. 1. Pass up the crackers when getting soup. Instead get a handful of the super-mini cones by the ice cream machine. Fill up the cones with your favorite soup (chili for me) and …

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