cake frosting

I was shopping for frosting. There were two options:
1. Rich & Creamy
2. Light & Fluffy

Which would you go with?

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

I’m not a fan of canned frosting. I find them to be cloyingly sweet and artificial tasting. Some of them have a weird mouth-feel too.

I prefer to make my own rich & creamy frostings.

What are you baking? Or are you just jonseing for some frosting?

14 years ago

If you’re frosting something.. it depends on what you’re frosting.

If you’re just noming it from the can.. light & fluffy.

Matt Maldre
14 years ago

Light and fluffy. That sounds a tad more healthy. Rich and creamy is just WAY too much.

Matt Maldre
14 years ago

If you buy rich and creamy, you can use it as lubricant on an oil rigger. Just like in that Dirty Jobs episode. Oh wait, it wasn’t the oil rigger, it was the Space Shuttle transport one. No wait, they cleaned dirt off the gears in that one. Shoot, which Dirty Jobs episode was it? OH I REMEMBER, the Golden Gate Bridge. Wait no, that was him gooping up paint over the cables. Shoot! Which episode was it? NARRRRR!

Mark R
Mark R
14 years ago

Rich and Creamy all the way.

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