bubble gum art

This guy makes portraits out of chewed bubble gum.

Here’s what his site says:
Each Gum Blonde is 100% chewed bubblegum on a plywood backing. No paint or dye is used. The colour is inherent to the gum – the mixing of colour takes place inside the mouth during chewing using an endless variety of flavours made by an endless variety of companies. Jason Kronenwald has a dedicated team of chewers and prefers the texture of Trident. However, he does not chew gum himself unless he must.”

That’s hilarious! “prefers texture of Trident” and he “has dedicated team of chewers”.

My favorite is Gum Blonde VIII: Britney Spears. yummy.

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

You can definitely see how his skill improves with each one.

I have a lot of appreciation for the ones that use the plywood for more than just a canvas. Very nice technique

Mark R
Mark R
18 years ago

I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the work given the medium he has chosen. However, my positive reaction was somewhat tempered by the gross-out factor caused by the chewed gum.

Also, somebody should buy one of these “artworks”, take a DNA sample from the chewed gum and then get a piece of artwork made from the DNA sample. (See the other blog topics to understand what I’m talking about). It would kind of be like getting 2 pieces or art for the price of one.