Brookfield Zoo sting rays

My family loves visiting the Brookfield Zoo. However, the Brookfield Zoo really needs to put up a sign showing how long a child’s arm needs to be in order to pet the stingrays at the Stingray Bay exhibit. My three year old daughter wasn’t even close to being able to pet the stingrays (actually cownose rays). She was laying on her belly on the concrete landing with no luck.

Don’t get me wrong. It was still a good experience for her to be able to SEE stingrays that close, but touching them was impossible. I was able to touch two stingrays and report to my daughter that they “feel slimy”. So education was served, but I was rather disappointed that my daughter had no chance to touch the stingrays when a large portion of their marketing blitz outside the Stingray Bay is focused on petting the rays. We’re members of the zoo and it cost us 3 bucks to get in.

I’d say that kids would have to be at least four or five years old to be able to touch the stingrays. And because a fair amount of patience is required to wait for a ray to come your way amongst the large crowd around the tank, it’s probably better suited for kids a minimum age of 9 or 10.

Separate admission fee applies:
$4 Adults (non-members)
$2 Seniors 65 and over (non-members)
$2 Children 3 to 11 (non-members)
$2 Adults (members)
$1 Seniors 65 and over (members)
$1 Children 3 to 11 (members)
FREE for children under 3

Here’s some flickr photos (in order of visual interest) from the Brookfield Zoo’s Stingray Bay:
April Showers Photography

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That sounds logical; they should definitely make it for older kids! Sorry to hear she couldn’t touch them!! 🙁 I personally would be staying as far away from that exhibit as possible… meh.

Matt Maldre

Don’t stingrays sting you if you touch them?


One Sting ray killed the Croc hunter. The tail stabbed him. I believe the issue is their sharp tail.


They also have venom on that sharp tail. – The second cause of injury occurs as a result of evenomation from the stingray. The entire spine or stinger is covered with a sheath, which discharges venom when ruptured. The venom or toxin is a heat-labile (degraded by heating) protein for which no antivenom exists

Matt Maldre

what if human fingernails got poisonous when they are really long?


When the nails are longer, bacteria can grow underneath and that could be poisoness. The term cat scratch fever which also is related to the song is a legitimate medical condition. The bacteria called bartonella bacteria is on the nails. So, yes, it is possible that longer nails can be poisoness. The longer nails can punture skin and bacteria grows better.