Borders’ “exchange” policy is manipulative

I’m upset with Borders. I purchased a $40 book on October 9, 2008. The receipt clearly states “No Returns without receipt Or after 30 days”. Why “Or” is capped I don’t know, but that’s beside the point.

I went in today to EXCHANGE the book for store credit. I immediately told the cashier that I realize it’s been 42 days since I purchased the book and I can’t return it. I said that I had the receipt and would like to EXCHANGE the book. They said I couldn’t do it. That made no sense. The receipt said nothing about exchanges.

I asked for a store manager. He said I couldn’t do it. I told him that the receipt clearly says, “RETURN”. It didn’t say anything about “EXCHANGE FOR STORE CREDIT”. RETURNS are different than EXCHANGES. If the receipt said, “No Returns or Exchanges without receipt or after 30 days”, then I’d be fine with it. I told him I could even do an even exchange right there in the store for another book. I wouldn’t walk out with store credit. No dice.

I asked what the policy is for gift receipts. He said they do store credit within 60 days. I then went off the handle and said if I got a gift receipt, then I’d be able to exchange the book. It didn’t make any sense. I don’t understand why he just didn’t do it.

I also told him today was my birthday and I can show him my driver’s license. He didn’t care about that. He gave me the phone number for Customer Service. I called and they gave me the same grief and they officially filed a report with the Store Manager and the District Manager even though I already spoke with a manager at the store. I was told to expect a phone call in the next 10 business days. What a joke.

Any reputable store has a clear policy for returns AND for exchanges. Borders’ policy is manipulative and wrong. If they don’t want happy customers exchanging items for store credit, then they need to communicate that clearly with their customers rather than keeping their dirty little exchange policy to themselves.

I went back to the same Borders to attempt exchanging the book again. Waiting around for a phone call that probably will never come didn’t appeal to me. I gave myself a 5% change of being successful, so I wasn’t going to be upset if my third attempt failed. (There always could have been a fourth, fifth, sixth… attempt.)

I gave the cashier the same speech about how I knew it was past the 30 days to return, but I wanted to exchange instead. She called over the manager (who was a different person than the first time) and she said, “we’ll let you do it this one time”. YES!

I still think Border’s exchange policy is manipulative and they need to change the language on their receipts. But now I don’t have to feel sour every time I step into a Borders store.

Persistence pays off.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

That is pretty rotten. I agree that the receipt should say “no returns or exchanges”; if you care that much, you should write a letter to corporate about the policy. You’re probably not the only one with that grievance.

What is really upsetting to me is that you had to “go off” on them on your birthday. That
s just not right.

Kristina J.
Kristina J.
13 years ago

. . . how annoying. especially so because borders is not known to issue gift receipts. everytime i ask (borders on michigan ave, in beverly, uptown, and evanston) at the holidays or for birthdays, they say we don’t do that. if it’s a gift just have the person bring it back. . . . grrrrr

maybe it’s time to bring my business to barnes and noble.

Matt Maldre
13 years ago

The Borders is not a library. Elmhurst has a very nice library. You should try it.

13 years ago

You should have asked them to print you a gift receipt – if you have the original it shouldn’t be any problem for them to print out the gifty versions. Had to do just that at Kohl’s this year.

12 years ago

Actually Tommy, most retail stores have different policies for Returns and Exchanges. Some will even do an Exchange or in-store credit without a receipt, whereas they’d require one for a return.

I’m glad you looked up “return” in your dictionary, but now try looking up “exchange”.

You’ll also want to note that he got a reasonable manager the second time and they allowed the exchange.

Tom Saaristomy
Tom Saaristomy
12 years ago

Actually Sparx…you are obviously not comprehending…it doesn’t matter what a company policy states…the fact remains that it is still a returned item. Don’t get sarcastic with me on a subject you dont know much about. I am a retail marketing manager for NasDaq Fortune 500 store support…I honestly believe I know a little more than you do on this. Im not defending Borders, however, a general statement such as NO RETURNS also encompasses EXCHANGES unless otherwise stated.

12 years ago

Which put of the comment are you calling sarcastic?

Are you arguing that retail stores don’t have different policies for returns and exchanges? Because that’s all I even said on that matter.

And yes, it does matter what a company policy states. If Borders has a different policy for a return and an exchange, and you’re trying to do an exchange at a Borders – then that policy is all that matters. Not what some random manager from another store’s dictionary says.

Tom Saaristomy
Tom Saaristomy
12 years ago

LOL not another manager’s dictionary…I’m not even talking about policy…I’m referring to what the word actually means in retail. It was between myself and the author of the post…it obviously flew over your head.

Tom Saaristomy
Tom Saaristomy
12 years ago

LOL then do more research on acronyms. There’s actually quite a few like that especially business [email]na@es. As for the quoting, when you refer to “someone” which is myself, then go on to put quotes afterwards, it means you are quoting someone else. Be careful with that.

12 years ago

Why are you people arguing about the definition of the word return? I mean, is it really necessary to do that? Act like your own age and quit arguing over a word. It’s not like arguing about a word will get you anywhere in life. TOMMY, I’m sorry but stop wasting your time arguing on blogs =D it really doesn’t do you any good now does it? As for Moose, I’m glad you got to exchange.


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