black hole sun crooner version

My wife and I were watching American Idol and we found out David Cook’s crazy performance of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” is actually a mimicked performance of Chris Cornell’s crazy performance of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. It was quite a letdown to find out that Cook just ripped off Cornell. Oh well.

Andrea couldn’t remember who Chris Cornell was and I told her he was the lead singer of Soundgarden. Andrea had a hard time remembering that band. I said, “Black Hole Sun?” and I sang a few licks from the song which didn’t help at all. So i cracked open iTunes and did a search for “Black Hole Sun”. Andrea pointed out that some dude named Paul Anka did a version of the song. Andrea was quite surprised. I never heard of the guy. We listened to the sample and it’s completely hilarious. I recommend you open your iTunes right now and take in the song.

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Wow… there are quite a few Black Hole Sun covers on iTunes. Even some children’s music versions. Anka’s is fun.


Paul Anka is a famous 50s-60s singer guy. Like your parents (and mine) are probably fans. On Gilmore Girls, they named the dog Paul Anka. It was hilarious!


By the way, Erik….. have you heard the new R.E.M. album? It’s great! I know, you are thinking “but the last few albums sucked.” I agree with you there, I was on the verge of giving up too. But this new one is really good. I am happily surprised. It rocks.


If you want, I’ll burn you the new CD and send it to you. It’s no problem! Let me know and I’ll put it in the mail.

Supposedly this new album is very political in its lyrics. I haven’t really listened to the lyrics yet, I’m currently enjoying the music part. It’s very energetic. Less “new age” and mellow than their last bunch of records.

Tom Saaristo

I agree about REM going downhill after Bill Berry left. Honestly though, I wasn’t nearly as much of a fan of them as they warbled into the 90’s. They had a few catchy songs, but the album “Document” was seminal to me
and, unfortunately, not for themselves.