Benjamin Franklin’s magic circle

The posts from the last two days feature circles. I suppose I’m on a circle kick. This trend will be kept moving like a car making doughnuts in a parking lot.

Today features Benjamin Franklin’s magic circle. It has something to do with radiuses and annuli and stuff. I just like the inherent symmetry of it. Feel free to download this image and use it as a tattoo.

Some history on Ben Franklin’s magic cirlce.

Here’s more on crazy Ben Franklin math.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

More proof that you are smarter and more aware than most people. Most wouldn’t even bother to see a pattern they were “randomly” repeating. Curiously enough I’ve been more acutely aware of my desire for circular things, including replacing a square rug I have in my condo with a round one
adding an additional oddity, I want the new rug to be shag!

Mark R
Mark R
13 years ago

Ben’s magic circle is somewhat reminiscent of the designs created by that Spirograph toy created in the 1980’s.

13 years ago

Ben Franklin was a cool guy. Very multi-faceted.

13 years ago

Maybe he turned into something non-human when he was electrocuted during his discovery of lightning. Similar to the Frankenstein thing. Similar to Darth Vader becoming more machine than man.

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