bed aquarium

To celebrate the start of the football season, take a gander at one of Chad Ochocinco’s aquariums. Incredible. Though I’d be more impressed if there were 2 of those spanning the length of the bed.

It’s kinda weird to think part of your $100 ticket to the game funds stuff like this.

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Matt Maldre
8 years ago

Where are the bed sheets? Does Chad Ochocinco sleep without sheets? There’s a remote on the corner of the bed implying that bed is used. I can see not having sheets on the bed (maybe) because they wanted the photo to focus on the aquarium. But then why include the remote? Does the remote control the aquarium? Does it feed the plants? (I see no fish). Also, what is up with the huge electrical outlet on the wall ABOVE the aquarium? A) It looks odd. B) What if one of the plugs fall out and into the aquarium? If you… Read more »

Matt Maldre
8 years ago

Do you think he’ll put electrical eels in his aquarium?

8 years ago

I’m getting claustrophobic just looking at that.

Tom Saaristo
8 years ago

As is usual with things like that all I can think is “Who is going to clean that!?”

Matt Maldre
8 years ago

Tom, I was thinking the same thing. Someone with an algae scrubber with a really long handle. Maybe the famed tight end for the Falcons will clean it for him. Y’know, Alge Crumpler.


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