Bears Packers prediction

2011 NFC Championship game prediction
Chicago Bears 23
Green Bay Packers 17

The national media has been harping on the Bears all season about their assumed degree of luck. The Bears will continue the media’s perception by defeating a 6th seed team (Packers) in NFC Championship and a 6th seed team (Jets) in the Super Bowl.

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Matt Maldre
11 years ago

oh neat prediction time. Hmmm. Unfortunately the first number that came to mind for the Packers was 35. That’s really high. Can the bears knock out more than 35 points? I got this 35 number stuck in my head. So it would have to be 37-35 bears win. But wait. No. I think the Bears will shut down the packers. They’ll get hmmm. Maybe one touchdown and two field goals. What’s that? 13. Bears with 21. That’s my final answer Beears win 21-13.

11 years ago

I didn’t predict the score, but I did predict a Packer win.
Regardless of the fact that my prediction was INFINITELY more correct than yours (:P), I thought it was a really good game!

Matt Maldre
11 years ago

it was an awful game for the Bears. Three quarterbacks in one game? Really? The bears got walked over in the first quarter. I’m happy that i was close to guessing right. As I was watching the game I tried to forget my prediction. Sometimes when you predict a score, you end up watching the game completely through the lens of that score. You worry if they score too much or too little, your prediction will be wrong. So I forgot about my prediction and let the game be. It would have been something if the bears managed to pull… Read more »

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