Yes, I’ve fallen victim to backblogging quite a bit in the past few months. Rest assured I have new posts scheduled for at least the remainder of the week and even going into next week. So if you’re a faithful follower, you can look forward to new posts popping up on time each weekday.

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

I have a few dates I need to fill in too, and I think I should since I tout my blog as being updated “every weekday”. Admittedly, the Obama election and win are to blame for my lack of posts that week. I was on the moon and didn’t have access to Xanga

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

Your RSS feed hasn’t been updating with the backblogging, which kinda baffles me. Because I know the RSS feed doesn’t update on pmachine when you post to future. But when you post to the past, it should update the feed.