average number of pitches thrown in a season

Leading baseball statistics website, baseball-reference.com, says the average number of pitches thrown per Major League Baseball game by one team is 146 (2010 statistic). I want to know how many pitches are made each season… total. So a little math is in order.

I know this formula has a flaw, but humor me. I just want to know a ballpark number. 32 (teams) x 162 (games) = 5184 x 146 = 756,864. Yea, 146 is the average and the number has been rounded off. 146.4 would be 758,937.6. 145.5 would be 754,272. That’s about a 4,500 swing. So about 756,000 is a pretty good number. And not every single team plays 162 games (due to rain delayed games that cannot be scheduled). So that can affect the pitch total by a few hundred.

It’s very safe to say that just over 0.75 million pitches were throw in the 2010 Major League Baseball season.

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Matt Maldre
9 years ago

What’s amazing to me is that an umpire has to call 292 pitches in one game. He has to be focused and attentive and make the right call for 292 pitches.

Matt Maldre
9 years ago

I wish it was one million pitches even.

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