army redesigns uniforms

The U.S. Army has redesigned their uniforms. Here’s a short article that compares the new army fatigues with fashion designer, Bryan Bradley’s new camoflage digs.

And here’s the Army’s full explanation of the new unis.

some excerpts.
“No added cost to Soldiers for additional sewing due to the use of hook and pile or pin-on patches, nameplates, and badges”. That means the nametags and badges will be velcro. They won’t be sewed on any more. That seems kinda lame.

It costs 88 bucks to make each uniform (jacket and pants only. Not included is the patrol cap, moisture wicking t-shirt and Army Combat Boots). That seems like alot of money. Are they lined with the finest French silk or somethin’?

“A permanent press treatment that eliminates the need for Soldiers to pay for costly dry cleaning of their uniforms.” Costly dry cleaning? Our nation was paying for our soldiers to use dry cleaning? Ummm… there’s something called washer & dryer.

And just for kicks, here’s a hi-res photo of soldier wearing some creepy tech gear.

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Matt Maldre
17 years ago

the way the shirt flares out at the bottom looks really stupid.

Matt Maldre
17 years ago

i’m glad that hi-res photo of that dude wasn’t looking directly at me, otherwise, i would feel like he’s able to look right at my from monitor and into my room.

Matt Maldre
17 years ago

i meant, “…right at ME from my monitor…”

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