Aramis Ramirez fake signature

What’s up with the 2008 Topps baseball card for Aramis Ramirez (shown at the very top)? I am quite puzzled by his autograph. Girlie circles to dot the “i”s? Very, very un-baseball-like.

So I google imaged for more Aramis Ramirez autographs and it seems this 08 Topps card is an oddity.

Perhaps the folks at Topps lost Aramis’ autograph file and the production designer who was assembling the layouts for the 08 set had the receptionist fake Ramo’s autograph. You’d be surprised what goes on behind the scenes sometimes in the graphic design world.

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Mark R
Mark R
12 years ago

That is a weird signature. What I found even stranger is that you noticed it, and gave it enough thought to research it. I never would have thought to do that.

It’s always interesting to see how different people’s minds work. I would have looked at the card, and probably not even really noticed the signature. Even if I did, I certainly wouldn’t have questioned it.

Mark R
Mark R
12 years ago

The oddly signed 2008 card is still visually superior to the other card though. the bottom card is just boring and has Ramirez just standing there in that lame fake pose. The entire card is poorly designed.

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