antartica dollars

Get your very own Antartica dollars by artist Stephen Barnwell. They are well-designed with great, great details. I’m not a fan of the fake dollars that show silly portraits of recent historical figures like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. These Antartica dollars have a nice edge to them. Plus, anything that is related (or this case claims to be related) to Antartica is just plain cool in my book. (pardon the pun on “cool”.)

My favorite is actually the vertical design. I don’t like saying that this is my favorite cuz it seems like the obvious choice. But the design itself is so striking.

You can get an easier look at these designs on the artist’s website.

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Mark R
Mark R
16 years ago

Very cool… I liked the back of the $7 bill the best. (Probably because of the subject matter as I have always had a weird fascination with the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World). Although, the $13 bill and the $28 bill were also very good.

Can you buy those bills off of the artists website?

Mark R
Mark R
16 years ago

That would be an interesting collector piece…

Tom Saaristo
Tom Saaristo
16 years ago


10 years ago

Yes! You can buy the Dream-Dollars on his other site:


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