a library collection of sorts

It would be really neat to check out a book from every single library in Illinois via the Interlibrary Loan system. I’m curious see see how each library tags their books. Wheaton uses a giant obnoxious gold sticker on the cover with their library name in a heavy sans serif black font.

Plus, it’d be interesting to see which books I decide to check out from each library. The challenge would be finding a book in small town libraries, like Grant Park, Illinois, that have a book that no other library in Illinois owns.

This idea probably won’t happen because I’d feel a bit guilty manipulating libraries’ tight budgets by having them ship books to my local library just so I can see what stickers they put on the book. Though I suppose the system can be justified if I legitimately wanted to read/look at the book.

photo from Kupferstich-Kabinett Dresden (i think)

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