3-dimensional napkin chair

Check ou this chair. It’s an actual physical, 3-dimensional chair built based on a napkin sketch. They used fancy lasers and such. I want one of those fancy lasers. My rotozip doesn’t come close to such precision. {TANGET: Coincidentally, I have been making some art the last couple days with my rotozip.}

I wish they showed a person in that photo to give a sense of the chair’s dimensionality. The shadows are nice, but it still looks like it’s not real. I guess that’s the whole point. Though a person in the shot would demonstrate its duality.

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Matt Maldre
17 years ago

If they included a person in the photo, then it would become quite apparent that you can’t use the chair to sit on. Now of course, the novelty of this chair is how it was produced, not the fuctionality of it. Given the context of the chair on this industrial deisgn website, maybe they didn’t want to admit the non-functionality of the chair.

Or maybe they couldn’t find someone to stand next to it.

Matt Maldre
17 years ago

How strong do you think that chair is? It looks like you could just crumble it up into a ball. I’d like to see someone holding that chair. Maybe tossing it up into the air.

It also looks quite sharp and dangerous. Maybe they could go down a dark alley and scare some people and take photos of that.

Or maybe they could take it up to the moon, and comment on how the chair is OUT OF THIS WORLD.

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