Month: May 2012

driving in circles

View Larger Map How would you like to live in the middle of this circle road? Some day I’m gonna drive over there and check it out.


It’s always interesting to read into the different strategies employed by real estate brokers/agents in home listings especially when there’s an exact character limit. This one cracked me up. It ends with “Stunning yard w/ waterfall & rock garden. STUNNING” That waterfall and rock garden really must be something special that they felt the need …

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pixel pretzels

Million dollar idea: pixel pretzels. To commemorate this million dollar idea is a piece I call “14 PIXEL PRETZELS”. Any word with the letters “x” or “z” smack dab in the middle is a word that’s alright by me. In retrospect I should have used “pretzel” instead of “pretzels”. Look for future pixel pretzel art …

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Welcome people of Earth looking for spray painted salted pretzel sticks! I can offer you no spray painted salted pretzel sticks, but I can offer you this note talking about spray painting salted pretzel sticks.


“I wonder what I am going to be able to do… I say to myself that I really have no idea. And I use this incapacity to do whatever may be in order to do something.”-Claude Closky Today is the 15th anniversary of my (and many friends/family) graduation from Illinois Wesleyan University

drawing on subconscious

I got one hour of sleep last night (purposely so). Now I’m paying the price. To keep going I made a drawing. It’s safe to say this is the most subconsciously drawn art I’ve ever made.