Month: January 2012

reviewing super hero movies

I love talking super hero movies. A friend was recently gushing over The Dark Knight and the discussion spilled over into other super hero movies. Here’s my two comments: post oneI had problems with The Dark Knight. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good movie, but I felt they were trying excessively hard …

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now that’s a fan

So, apparently it’s hard to find any 48″ flush mount ceiling fans in the big box stores. An amazon search pointed me to the Hunter Fans 24852 48″ Fantasy Flyer Kid’s Indoor Flush Mount Blue Ceiling Fan and my mind is blown.

clever scanner

Check out the iConvert. It’s for the iPad. Feed your paper into the scanner and watch your document magically appear on your iPad. Very clever. At least I’m going to assume this feed-and-instantly-see-digitally process is how it works. Available for $150 pre-order at Brookstone.

lit wall

Here’s an interesting wall that’s trying to be something else, but also proudly embracing its wallness at the same time. Quite postmodern, yet not postmodern, which really makes it incredibly postmodern. You don’t see walls lit this way. It pulls you in, but also jumps out at you, but it’s loyal to itself because the …

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Digital Derby Auto Raceway

I was cleaning the basement and came across this family toy. It’s the Digital Derby Auto Raceway from 1978. This was a favorite toy in the Maldre house, especially with my twin brother. I popped in two C batteries and unfortunately it didn’t start up even though the battery compartment looked pretty clean. The term …

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art show dream

Last night I had a dream that I was setting up for my college senior art show (Illinois Wesleyan University Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition c/o ’97). I got there late so I got a small space next to my brother, Matt. I grabbed a couple portable walls to get more display space and put …

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blast off!

That’s the Gemini 6 launch. And that’s the autograph of the program’s medical director, Charles Berry M.D., blasting off as well. If I were an astronaut, I would totally put a star or circle (moon) in my autograph.

desktop folders

Usually on my computer’s desktop there is a folder called “clean up”. Recently I was downloading stock images of floors. That folder was randomly placed below the “clean up” folder resulting in a new message.