2012 MLB playoff predictions

I have two sets of 2012 MLB playoff predictions. See image above. I want the Orioles to win it all. I’ve always liked the Orioles. But I think the Yanks pull it off again. It would be pretty sweet to see an Orioles-Senators Series. I’ll take A’s-Giants, too, but that ain’t happening.

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Matt Maldre
11 years ago

I made my predictions on Google Plus:

AL Wild card: Orioles over Rangers
NL Wild card: Braves over Cardinals

ALDS: A’s over Tigers; Orioles over Yankees
NLDS: Nationals over Braves; Reds over Giants

AL Champion: A’s over Orioles
NL Champion: Nationals over Reds

World Series: A’s over Nationals

Matt Maldre
11 years ago

Wow. I was wrong about ALL FOUR division series.
Tigers won (I predicted them to lose)
Yankess won (i predicted them to lose)
Cardinals won (i predicted the cardinals to lose in the wild card, and i predicted the nationals to win the division series, so two strikes there)
Reds won (i predicted them to lose).