Month: December 2011

Maple Street Chapel

The prior post mentioned a photo taken in Lombard. I figured now’s a good time to post it. It’s the Maple Street Chapel in Lombard, Illinois. It appears to be owned by First Church of Lombard. As a kid we would pass this church on the way to my aunt’s house in Lombard and now …

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typography errors

Do you notice what’s wrong with this sign?Answer in the comments section.It’s not that the sign looks like it’s sloping. That’s just my bad photograph. There’s something else wrong with how the sign was installed. This photo was taken at the Wheaton Post Office.

Oakbrook Terrace Tower

This photo I took of the Oakbrook Terrace Tower’s shadow reminds me of a Christmas tree. location: One Tower Lane, Oakbrook Terrace Tower, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 (my place of employment for ten years).This is the view to the southeast from the 24th floor. I miss that view.

baseball and no other

Part of what makes baseball great is the poetic, yet violent motions found in the pitcher throwing the baseball and the batter swinging. It’s something you really don’t find in any other sport. And they do so in their designated spots: the mound and the batter’s box. The watermark on the wire photo above is …

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Christmas pig

I regret not bringing this Christmas pig/reindeer home when he was on Black Friday discount. Sorry, pig, maybe next year.


I’m not quite sure what this guy has planned for that empty jar of tomato sauce. (It was completely washed out.) It’s quite impressive what he did to that water bottle on the right side.

i want to stay at this hotel

How would you like to stay at this hotel? Of course the photo shown above is just part of the hotel. The rest of the hotel is really incredibly beautiful. It is Casa Talia in Modica, ItalyArchitects: Vivian Haddad and Marco Giunta official website here