Month: November 2011

The Muppets are coming

I love They have great illustrations. You can purchase one royalty-free hi-res image for only $19 or five for $49. I was looking up grass alphabet letters and this particular one reminded me of the Muppets movie that’s coming out one week from today. I changed it from green to blue in Photoshop. (Hue/Saturation: …

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log cabin

I want to build one of these for my backyard. Architect: Flavio Galvagni, Lab Zero

Mr. Pace and his bus

This post is intended only to draw attention to the sore lack of public transit available in the suburbs of Chicago. I fully support the expansion and further development of public transit. This post is not intended to offend the patrons of suburban public transit. So, every couple weeks or so I see a giant …

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gray #4

Well, you can certainly say that elephant is cleaned up. The contrast between the block and the elephant is profound. Though I’m reallyl uncomfortable with how chunky the cinder block now looks.

gray #3

This new cinder block isn’t as blurry. It’s interesting how the cinder block is beat up and has pieces missing while the elephant also has areas missing. But I think people want the elephant to be cleaned up.

gray #2

Hmmm… that’s better, but I just don’t like how the cinder block is kinda out of focus.


Something’s not quite right about this. I think the elephant needs to be a photograph and not an illustration.

gray elephant boxes

So I was doing a Google Image search for gray elephants for a future post and the images stopped loading after page 6. Yet the boxes for the images loaded instead. I got gray boxes instead of gray elephants and it is awesome! I love these gray boxes. I’m not being sarcastic or jokey. There’s …

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great source for color palettes

Looking for color palette inspiration? Find some old, classic oil paintings and use your image editor’s eyedropper tool to sample the colors. Often the results will be quite sophisticated. The palette above is from a painting that needs to be included in a book cover I’m designing.