Month: November 2011

enjoy these nicely painted trees

While my blog has been sleeping, it woke up and found itself in the middle of a northwestern Canadian forest. by Jenny Vorwaller (this painting was featured on a design blog)


That’s me standing on top of my car blocking the loading dock of my employer’s parking lot. I was photographing the sidewalk for a book cover I designed. (The photo shown above was taken just for fun.) I was rather surprised at the flimsy build of automobiles today. I didn’t do any damage to my …

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hockey cards are boring

There’s not much variation in the action shots found on most hockey cards. This observation came about doing some ebay searching. It’s kinda interesting to think about the limited range of movement hockey players demonstrate on the ice and how it translates into photography. The end result is usually a pretty boring hockey card.

honest ebay seller

You never know what you’re going to find on ebay. I appreciated the seller’s honesty on this listing: “I get most of these items from estate sales. Please assume that cats and dogs have smoked 10,000 cigarettes and have eaten gluten-coated peanuts and snorted ragweed pollen in a house heated by a wood-burning stove while …

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Nikon 1 R2-D2 mod

Ok. Who is going to be the first person to do a Nikon 1 R2-D2 mod? The pop-up flash on the Nikon 1 screams R2-D2. And the body on the Nikon is available in white. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? R2-D2 all the way! Even the rounded sides of the Nikon 1 …

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Kindles and cameras

A few basic notes from my visit tonight at Best Buy AMAZON KINDLES The Fire is nice especially for it’s price, but it’s really only suitable for casual intermittent internet browsing. If you’re looking to supplant a computer for basic tasks like email and internet, then you’re better off with the iPad. The Fire is …

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customized McRib

I was going to recommend not going out during lunchtime and eating a McDonalds McRib and then returning to your desk and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I did that and I’m not happy right now. I was looking up photos of McRibs to do a “McRib + PBJ = sad face” photo …

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