Month: October 2011

what is it? #38 The second installment of “What is it? The video series” You have about five seconds to guess what it is before the answer is revealed at the end of the video.


“Pithy” is a word that doesn’t sound anything like it means. I thought it meant “pathetic” and “weak”. Here’s’s definition: pithy   [pith-ee]adjective, pithier, pithiest.1. brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning; terse; forcible: a pithy observation.

lots and lots of scissors

Search for just about anything on Google Images and among the results will be images that sorta don’t fit in with the rest. Do a Google Images search for “scissors” and the results are surprisingly consistent. Though look at the subtleties between the images. An interesting difference is open versus closed scissors. Danger or safety? …

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multi-function mouse

Why does a computer mouse have to have just one function? I want a pair of scissors to be my computer mouse. It can cut paper AND navigate my computer. With all these multi-function devices in our world, how has the computer mouse remained in a state of singularity? This idea came to me when …

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I had a senior moment and seriously thought the word “seventeen” had a hyphen in it and had to look it up on To my surprise the first definition for the word is, “a cardinal number, 10 plus 7”. Really? That’s an odd way of thinking of a number. So then, I looked up …

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Why am I posting an image of the 1986 Topps tattoo featuring Jack Clark of the St. Louis Cardinals? – “Jack Clark” is such a simple name that seeing it backwards has a nice graphic look to it especially seeing the backwards “K” start each name. – The backwards name also reminds me of Harry …

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fun with postcards

I love postcards. I’m talking old-fashioned Post Cards. Get a penny stamp. Lick it. Slap it on the back. Write a message with an ink pen with your bare hand. Use elegant cursive. Write the recipient’s address, again with your bare hand. Throw it in a mail box. No keyboards, e-mail, dot com that or …

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comparing twins’ QR codes

Here’s the QR codes for me, (left) and my twin brother, (right). Do we look like QR twins? UPDATE. Thanks to the bright minds over at for provided the graphic below detailing the differences between the forementioned QR codes. From sparx, “Just for the sake of being thorough, here is an image …

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I am a bolt cutter

Key cutters and bolt cutters are from the cutter family, but couldn’t be more different. Key cutters are defensive and help protect. Bolt cutters are offensive and help invade.