Month: October 2011

how to eat a cupcake

We eat cupcakes with our fingers, but we eat cake with a fork? Eat your cupcake with a plate, fork, and knife and you will be thankful.

austerity of a carpet

I really like German artist, Andreas Gursky‘s Untitled 1 (Carpet) 1993 C-print 174.5 x 210 cm. I’d include the image here on my blog, but I’m a little worried about copyright this and that. link to Gursky’s page on Saatchi Gallerydirect link to image itself

post-it note watch

Brilliant. It’s a post-it note in the shape of a watch to wear around your wrist so you can write notes on the fly. The only problem is that most people wear their actual watches on the opposite wrist of their writing hand. 10 pounds for a set of 100 notes. Though I suppose it …

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the biggest nuclear bomb

So, the United States is dismantling its biggest nuclear bomb. It’s “hundreds of times stronger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima”. So then why does it look so incredibly boring and non-descript? I want flame graphics, lightning bolts, skulls and crossbones. Something! At least put some yellow and black stripes somewhere on this 10,000 pound …

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