Month: September 2011

celebrating Cookie Monster

Well, it looks like we’re now going into a Cookie Monster run. This photo of CoMo cracks me up. It’s from He’s clearly happy, but he’s shrugging his shoulders and his head is cocked backwards. So it looks like he just did something really mischievous, but can’t stop from laughing.

free movie popcorn

Here’s what you should do the next time you’re at the movie theatre. Get a Large popcorn, the kind where you get one free refill. Consume the popcorn as fast as you can cookie-monster style (popcorn flying everwhere while you eat the popcorn). Do this while standing at the counter. Do not leave the counter. …

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bed aquarium

To celebrate the start of the football season, take a gander at one of Chad Ochocinco’s aquariums. Incredible. Though I’d be more impressed if there were 2 of those spanning the length of the bed. It’s kinda weird to think part of your $100 ticket to the game funds stuff like this.

sweatshirt I

It’s pretty cool to buy a sweatshirt of a school that you respect in a non-sportly way. Me? I’d get a Concordia Seminary sweatshirt. Rockin’ heavy the green and gold. Saw this photo on the facebook, but it was a $24.99 sale that ended 3 months ago.

one of the best logos ever

Lay your eyes on one of the coolest logos you’ll ever see. It’s the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Organized Nov. 28, 1891. Affiliated with: American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations & Canadian Labour Congress. That’s a mouthful and all of that is powerfully displayed in this crest. A serious, no-nonsense heavy …

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visual poetry

I have no idea what is written on this postcard and I don’t really care. It’s visual poetry. There’s the undeniable contrast between the strongly defined black strokes and the soft, misty photograph with subtle shades of brown. Commonality is shared between the elegant forms of the handwriting and the stately appearance of the architecture …

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