Month: September 2011

what is it? #37

Quick, quick, guess before the end of the video where the answer is revealed. This video is a revival of my “What is It?” series from my blog that was featured semi-frequently about 5 years ago. Quickly pause at the 14 second mark if you want to think about your guess before the answer is …

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I love the word, “radar”. Not only is it a palindrome (spelled the same forwards and backwards), but it can be typed with just your left hand, and radar images on Google are cool.

1990 Donruss wax pack

I was at the dollar store and couldn’t pass up buying this 1990 Donruss wax pack. The official label is called “Donruss Baseball Puzzle and Cards”. It was inside a sealed plastic bag. 1990 was the height of my baseball card collecting days so it has some sentimental value for me. This pack retailed for …

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most awesomest football card

My nomination for most awesomest football card ever: 1971 Topps Garo Yepremian #121 RC Miami Dolphins Reasons for its awesomenicity: 1. check out the sweet wood-paneled station wagon in the background. This reason alone makes it worthy of most awesomest football card ever. But wait, there’s four more reasons. 2. Yepremian has sweet sideburns to …

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Cookie Monster pattern

Due to the wild popularity of last week’s post featuring a man’s head inside of Cookie Monster’s mouth, here’s a seamless pattern of said image.

bad cough drops

Ever wonder what would happen if you put cardboard and a tiny bit of fake sugar into a blender? Answer: Cold-Eeze Sugar Free Wild Cherry.

What kind of toys?!

Who in their right mind names their toy company… Oh, oh, wait… It’s Cass Toys with a capital “C”. Okay. Wasn’t sure for a second there.

dollar store find: wrestling belt

Show friends and family that you’re a World Wrestling Champion. Skip the hours in gym and the grueling agony of a wrestling match and buy this belt for a grand total of $1 at your local dollar store. I’m not sure why the eagle became displaced from his wings on this belt.

wiffle ball moon

Based on my minimal research, I was shocked to find no wiffle ball moon images on the internet. I am happy to share my rendition of the wiffle ball moon. Enjoy. Prior to this project, I always thought wiffle ball was spelled “whiffle ball”. So I also welcome anyone visiting this post who is searching …

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