Month: August 2011

Lowes store locator

Take a guess at how many Lowe’s stores there are in the near west suburbs of Chicago. Before you guess, there are 18 Lowes in Chicagoland (20 if you include Gurnee and DeKalb). Answer: zero. Judging from the map below, I’m glad that Lowes is not a violent militia and Elmhurst its target.

professional candy blogger

The idea of being a professional candy blogger sounds fun… for about two minutes. Then I realize just how much candy a professional candy blogger must eat to fullfil their duties and then I get sick.

Mega Mystery gum

I couldn’t pass up this gum at Menards. Stride Mega Mystery. It’s mega! Who could resist the giant question mark radiating from a color explosion? I would think every single shopper at Menards would naturally grab a pack with their purchase. It’s mega after all. Fortunately, Menards must keep a giant stockpile, cuz I was …

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I’m in trouble

While at Toys R Us the other day, I came across this new building block toy called Nanoblocks. They’re super small. So small in fact that a 2×4 Nanoblock is the exact same width and depth as a 1×2 LEGO brick. See below. I like ’em. I really like ’em a lot. But I don’t …

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my Borders score: 4 of 4

Five Hundred Buildings of LondonThis is another chunky compact book. My favorite book size in the world is a compact chunky. The interior design is okay. It’s simple, but could be a lot simpler and further succeeded in what the book’s designer intended. I was very impressed by the quality of the photos. The photographer …

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my Borders score: 1 of 4

Feature 1 of the books I scored at the Borders liquidation sale. These books were 40% off retail. Here’s a little (5″ x 6.5″ x 1.2″) art history book (10,000 Years of Art) that I’ve been eyeing for about a year. I’ve always gravitated towards its simplistic cover design. And sometimes it’s just nice to …

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