Month: April 2011


“I don’t want to bring more chaos until I get some more order.”-Andrea Maldre

uh no thanks

I have no interest in gathering cocoanuts or coconuts. Funny thing, search google for “gathering cocoanuts postcard” and there’s a fair amount of variations of this postcard. Came across this postcard ebaying hawaii postcards.

nail box design

I love the simple utilitarian packaging design of certain hardware elements. The one-color Mazel & Co. nail box shown above is a great example. It doesn’t try to speak beyond its means. It’s a box of nails pure and simple. There’s no need for overly splashy graphics. These nails work and the design reflects that. …

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American Gothic and Dum Dum pops

I had a Dum-Dum Pop sitting in my desk. The wrapper mentioned saving 20 wrappers to get a reduced price on “Stuff”. You think the Art Institute of Chicago is aware of this piece of Dum-Dum “stuff”? Probably not.

great video

“Tempted and Tried” Trailer – Russell Moore from Crossway on Vimeo. The company I work for does great video work. We have one full-time video guy and he works closely with the Creative Director on developing ideas and seeing through all the steps involved with the incredibly crazy world of film-making. It always impresses me …

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