Month: March 2011

Medvedev and Leica M9

It turns out that Russian President, Dimitri Medvedev, loves photography. He developed the love early in his childhood while using a junky fully manual Soviet-made camera. He wishes he could take more photos, but his busy schedule only allows him to take photos from car windows and the hotels he stays. The 3 minute mark …

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nice autograph card

Terry Leach’s shoulders are almost at the same angle as his autograph. And the “New York” on his chest is in script, so it further unifies the autograph and the player. It’s four bucks on ebay (shipping included.) In fact, doing a search for “Terry Leach” on ebay results in a ton of awesome cards. …

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bouncing baby carrots

Take a baby carrot and drop it on the floor. Then the fun begins and watch that thing bounce like you’d never guess a baby carrot would bounce before.

he’s scared of his star

Here’s an all-time classic baseball card: 1962 Topps #224 Don Rudolph. He is staring down the 1962 Rookie star. That’s quite a pensive look. He body language is hilarious as well. One shoulder is dipped while his neck is slightly cocked. Don really doesn’t know what to make of that star. Side Note: While Google …

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official Death Star page

To round out Death Star week, here’s the official DataBank page for the Death Star on

death star cake

There’s a ton of Death Star cakes on flickr. This particular cake is striking because of the gi-normous couple happily standing atop the planet of destruction. photo courtesy gamera_obscura via Creative Commons licensing

Death Star ornament

If you’re a fan of Star Wars and LEGO, then certainly you’re aware of the $400 Death Star. Not quite in your budget? Then try the Death Star ornament. Chris McVeigh has posted on his site the complete build instructions.

death star week!

I’m a couple weeks behind on my blog, so to backblog I will now feature DEATH STAR WEEK! “Yesterday’s” entry was the officially licensed Death Star cookie jar. Today’s feature is the “Death star made with recycled computer parts” photographed by ennael_ of flickr via creativecommons licensing. It’s going to be hard to top this …

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star wars cookie jar

All in-stock merchandise at is 40% during March 18, 19, and 20. This Death Star cookie jar (12″x12″) retails for $50. It’s $34 with the discount.

more concrete

I like the graphical relation between the concrete stairs and the green building in the MD Housing / VA Studio. Nice color, scale, and shapes.