Month: March 2011

modern day teleporting

It’s 2011. It’s pretty sad in today’s age that spell check thinks that “teleport” is not a word. It bydoggoneit should be. And “bydoggoneit” should be too. gif above generated with five colors.


One morning my car was parked just outside the dining room window. I needed to place a painting in my car. I really wanted to just teleport the package from the dining room into my car.

circular saws are nice

Where have you been circular saw? I used a circular saw (DeWalt DW369CSK) for the first time recently and it’s amazing how smoothly they operate. I’m quite familiar with scroll saws and while they clearly are better for twists and turns while cutting, circular saws move like a hot blade through butter.

Fox Home Center, Alsip

I recently had the opportunity visit the new Fox Home Center. It burned down 4 years ago and I was quite happy to see it rebuilt as I drove down a stretch of Cicero Avenue that I now quite infrequently visit. There’s things to like and not like about the new store. What to like:It’s …

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nice fog photo

My brother posted a nice iPhone photo of Chicago’s Wrigley Building in the fog. My favorite part of the photo is the 20 pixels on the left side of the photo (as shown above).

club k

A while back, I was designing a logo and I wanted to alter the upper arm on the letter “k”. A common way to break off parts of a vector file is to draw a shape on top of the area you want to break off and then use the “divide” tool in Illustrator to …

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logos on fans

What manufactured product has a better location to place the manufacturer’s logo than a fan? It’s that circle space in the center of the fan. For one, it’s smack dab in the middle of the product. The fan cage circles and circles and circles around the logo. And even the function of the fan brings …

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balls of light photographer

PetaPixel has a post about light painter photographer, Denis Smith, who spins around a light in his long exposures to capture spheres of light in photographic scenes. They’re incredibly intriguing. I think it also helps his cause that he visits the wide gamut of environments that Australia offers. Ball Of Light from Sam Collins on …

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