Month: February 2011

topps too expensive

I was at Sears Essentials and saw the 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball card packs. There were no price tags on the packs so I asked the cashier for the price. $5. Five bucks for a standard pack of cards? This ain’t no premium series. It’s Topps’ standard issue series. It’s unfortunate that you can’t …

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nicely sculpted toy

Hugo the Wild Boara collaboration between Areaware and Monocledesigned by David Weeks Studiomanufactured in New York Citya limited edition of 100 pieces, available here 110.00 Sustainably harvested Beech wood, elastic band11 x 4 x 5.5 inches

how artists open chips

I had the fortune to eat lunch with a well-known New York artist. This is his bag of chips. Note how he opened the bag. Visionary.

google and vowels

It’s fun to use phrases that include words with multiple “o”s and the word “Google”. “Numero uno on Google” is one such phrase.

crazy signature

I totally want to revise my signature after seeing Knig Bansah’s. Collateral designed by Julian Zimmerman.