Month: January 2011

breaking cedar

Take one plank of cedar 1″ x 2″ x 4′. Place it on a stair step. Lift foot. Stamp foot downwards onto cedar plank. Final result may be a sweet broken piece of cedar like the one shown above. Higher res photo and other outtakes available at Flickr. Stomp too hard and you’ll break the …

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camera with ZINK

Last week, Polaroid and Polaroid “Creative Director” Lady Gaga announced the GL30 digital camera which also prints ZINK (zero ink technology) prints. It’s a beatiful device with no price tag yet and scheduled availability in Fall 2011. Think traditional Polaroid camera, but with ZINK prints and digital photographs instead of film. However, that camera is …

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Kenny’s Irish Pub

Last week, had an offer for Kenny’s Irish Pub in Countryside, Illinois. The photo accompanying the offer featured what might just be the most delicious-looking burger I have ever seen in photographed form (minus the right quarter of the burger. The lighting is weird over there). The beer on Kenny’s website looks pretty good, …

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let’s play Monopoly!

The cool bad guy, the cute little guy, the normal guy, and the weird creepy guy. I would like to join them for a nice game of Monopoly. Those are also the figures on the wax packs of the Topps Return of the Jedi trading cards (1983).

cheapest Christmas album

Amazon is currently offering a 99 song Christmas album for $2. That’s $0.02 per song. Use the link below to get this Amazon Exclusive. UPDATE: 1/14/2011Here’s the album’s list of artists. The number following the artist(s) name is number of songs represented. Oxford St. Peter’s Choir – 18Bonn Classical Philharmonic and Heribert Beissel – 10 …

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worst mini-fig in series 2

About a year ago I blogged about LEGO introducing the “minifigures” series. This last Christmas I bought a minifigure from series 2 for my brother. I didn’t feel around the packaging to guess its contents. He wound up with the worst figure in the series: the singer. Fast forward to Monday, January 3rd. I felt …

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