Month: January 2011

harpsicord headphones

If you’re going to listen to harpsichord music, might I suggest you use headphones that are placed just outside your ears. The ping-ping-ping sound of the harpsichord has a smooth sound this way.

25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago yesterday I watched an incredible Japanese anime robot movie. At least I remember it being incredible, I was ten years old. It was on right before the Chicago Bear’s victory in Super Bowl XX. I remember wanting to watch the lead-up stuff to the Super Bowl, but I saw this movie on …

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Welcome back

Found my Beck “Guero” CD. It was missing for at least one year, maybe two. It was in the 5 CD changer player which I still use from time to time. A lot of the newer CDs have digital content that render them useless in an old school boom box.

Bears Packers prediction

2011 NFC Championship game predictionChicago Bears 23Green Bay Packers 17 The national media has been harping on the Bears all season about their assumed degree of luck. The Bears will continue the media’s perception by defeating a 6th seed team (Packers) in NFC Championship and a 6th seed team (Jets) in the Super Bowl.

leading up to 5000

Here’s the ten comments leading up to and including the 5,000th comment for historical purposes (Let it be known that only spudart knew that I was approaching 5,000. I told him around comment 4,993): 4,991 (affordable calculator watch): Another great thing I’ve come to appreciate is the exactness of the time. I’ve never been quite …

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Congrats to frequent blog commenter, Tom Saaristo, for officially making the 5,000th comment on this blog! I’d like to thank everyone who frequently visits my blog and to all those that have left comments on this blog, except for the spammers. Spammers do bad. This blog has helped me grow in many different ways …

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Chicago on Google Images

Running a Google Image search on “Chicago” results in a great deal of photos of the now defunct Chicago Spire by Santiago Calatrava. I was kinda hoping to find some of Matt Maldre’s famous Chicago photos ranked favorably by Flickr like this one. I never saw the image above of the Chicago Spire. It’s quite …

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