Month: December 2010

New Year’s resolution quote

“Live life so that you don’t feel obligated just during New Year’s to make resolutions. Unfortunately, my life may be better suited if I made and followed New Year’s resolutions.”-Erik Maldre

Hellboy II rocks

I’m watching “Hellboy II: The Golden Army” right now on FX. The numerous muscle villians are really, really incredible.

Photoshop Pepper & Salt

The application icon for Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a blue box with “Ps” in white text. Frack Design has come up with salt and pepper shakers emulating the Photoshop application icon.

White House Christmas tree

Here’s the official 2010 White House Christmas Tree. It’s nice. A few things confuse me though. I really don’t like the barricade around the tree. How uninviting is that? There appears to be some kind of glow under the tree. I like that. It’s mysterious. The angle of the photograph is annoying. The circle treatment …

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cool Christmas tree (why the hate for Martha Stewart? c’mon!) has an elegant Christmas tree made exclusively from ornament bulbs and “clear threads” (why not just call it fishing line?). It looks great, but as a parent of two small kids, I would advise such a tree is not suitable for homes with crazy monkeys running around. …

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yea, like that

It is my desire to paint in a style similar to Paul Ferney’s technique demonstrated in his cake series. Ferney’s blog here.

London Calling cheap

I noticed recently that Amazon is selling a ton of music albums in mp3 format for $5 a pop. Five bucks! “London Calling” by The Clash is among the group. Soon thereafter, I randomly came across Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time. “London Calling” came in at #8.