Month: November 2010

the proper Union Jack design

Looking to plaster the British Union Jack on anything and everything you can get your hands on? No? Well if you are, then be sure to check out Julian D. A. Wiseman’s page, How to Draw the Union Jack Accurately. WARNING: There’s a lot of math. You can buy the toilet seat above here.

graphite sculptures

Agelio Battle essentially makes pencils out of sculptures. They are graphite sculptures. There are many different objects in this series including the human hand, branches, leaves, quills, flowers, and various animals. My favorite are the fish. The luster and smoothness of the graphite works well with the naturally incandescent shimmer and texture of a fish.

calendar grid

It’s 2011 in one big grid. The weird thing is that you can buy it in all sorts of grades of fabric and different sizes. Cool, but quite weird. It turns out that that site,, where you can buy the calendar grid, is a place where people can upload files and spoonflower sells your …

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pantone mug collection

I’ve seen places selling Pantone mugs and made me curious if they actually use Pantone inks for these mugs. I’m a little skeptical because I’m not so sure you can use traditional Pantone inks, intended for printed use on paper, on mugs. Pantone’s official mug page.