Month: November 2010

wikipedia, you could do better

I happened across wikipedia’s page for Chicago. The first sentence reads, “Chicago is the largest city in the state of Illinois.” Can that be any more boring? C’mon wikipedia, step it up. If you’re going to be constantly advertising for donations, I want a better intro for Chicago.

Kent Tekulve was awesome

As a kid I remember watching Kent Tekulve pitch. Sidearmers are always fun. He was one of those deadpan-no-funny-business-I’m-gonna-rip-your-face-off guys on the mound. I recently came across Tekulve’s 1987 Donruss card. It captures him perfectly. All the angles are great. Both arms are pointed rightward. Knees bent pointing leftward. Head angled downward. And he’s rocking …

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fun street name game

Here’s a fun car game I just made up to play with the kids. Award points for all the street suffixes anyone in the car can find. Below is the full list of street types and their assigned points. Feel free to change the point system to your fitting. 20 Alley 25 Arch1 Avenue10 Boardwalk5 …

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initials of months spell JASON

I was watching a business show and there were charts featuring the monthly rise and decline of companies’ stock. Each month was represented by its initial. I was shocked to see that July August September, October, and November spells JASON.

career OPS leaders

The three players with the highest career OPS averages all batted left-handed. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 1. Babe Ruth+ 1.16362. Ted Williams+ 1.11553. Lou Gehrig+ 1.0798 The first rightie on the list is Jimmie Foxx with 1.0376. I refuse to acknowlege roid-head, excuse me, HHG-head, Darth Pujols.

life and art quote

“What is art without life and life without art? Well, art without life is actually pretty cool. It doesn’t have all the emotional issue crap.”-Erik Maldre, 2010, in response to a Robert Motherwell quote (Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it. Motherwell)

macbook cutting board

from Eine Verneigung aus Apfelbaumholz vor dem Design des legendren Apple MacBook Pro! Schneidebrett, Vesperbrett, Untersetzer, oder einfach ein Objekt zum Anfassen. Oberflche lebensmittelvertrglich gelt. Erhltlich in drei Grssen:13″ (325 x 227 mm)15″ (364 x 249 mm)17″ (393 x 267 mm)>>>Versand wieder ab 13. Dezember 2010

mysimon guy

I haven’t been to in a really long time. Years ago I used the site regularly to do comparison shopping, but I find Google Product Search does a better job. Recently I went to mysimon and the mysimon Simon guy looks more dippy than I ever remember him.

destroy destroy destroy has photos of a bunch of destroyed Apple products. I like the yellow nano shown above. It looks like it’s dancing. This project is by michael tompert and paul fairchildphotos by michael tompert and paul fairchild