Month: October 2010

cheapest tablet

I have to admit I’m intrigued by the $99 Walgreens tablet. It’s the Maylong M-150 Middie Universe Tablet Powered by Android. Certainly the iPad is far superior in every aspect. Yet forking over $500 for the iPad is quite an investment. What intrigues me about Walgreens’ tablet is that someone on a tight budget who …

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library receipt

Here’s an exciting new series. Images of my library receipts. This books were for research for Bible covers I’m designing. Books on receipt:The world’s famous orations / William Jennings Bryan, editor-in-chief; Francis W. Halsey, associate editorNew York ; London : Funk and Wagnalls Company, [1906] Illuminated Greek manuscripts from American collections; an exhibition in honor …

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crazy door

designer: Matharoo Associatesclient: a diamond merchant in IndiaBurmese teak in 40 sections1 pivot, 1 counterweight, 80 ball bearings, and 160 pulleys Push on any one plank, and all 40 sections reconfigure themselves into a sinusoidal curve, revealing an opening into the house. Also, push on any plank and you will totally freak out. source: woohome

Paul Klee Biblical art

Recently I was reading “Paul Klee: The Later Work”. It provides sharp, pointed critiques of a large collection of Paul Klee paintings. Many other artist books delve into the broad scope and impact of an artist’s career without providing specific examples resulting in a disconnection with the reader and lacking to build a true understanding …

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same-size blocks for kids

I wanna try to find a place that sells a giant tub/box of wooden blocks that are exactly the same size. We have a box with various shapes and sizes, but it gets frustrating building something with my kids when we’re looking for a specific piece. Having all the pieces the same size solves that …

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“excited” is a negative word?

So what’s up with all the “upset, irritate, annoy” synonyms for “excite” on The “inspire, thrill”, and other positive synonyms are greatly outnumbered by the negative synonyms. I always thought “excited” was a positive word. needs to lighten up.