Month: September 2010


According to Google Street View there’s a sign in the north side of Chicago that says, “DOOT ENR”. What could the meaning of this sign possibly be?

desk made from books

Here’s a desk made from old books. What makes this desk really work is the color coordination and the build of the corners. This piece reminds me of the phone book chair I was going to build back in 1998. I had about half of my 95 Honda Civic trunk filled with phone books. Soon …

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flying Trix cereal

Tip: Don’t drop a piece of Trix cereal on your dining room chair. It will bounce off the chair and fly into orbit and land in a place you’d never expect.

I like concrete buildings

That last few months I have been fascinated with small simple concrete buildings. I’m adding Jesus Davila arquitectos’ Cereso House to that list. It’s a list that exists nebulously in my mind.Photograph by Ignacio Herrera

oochie wawa

Can someone help and explain where the phrase “oochie wawa” originates? I know the phrase to be used when one is expressing frustration or surprise.

best-looking baseball card

1966 Topps Billy Williams #580 is one of the best-looking baseball cards I have ever seen. It features a quintessential baseball waist-up after-swing pose. The 27-year old Billy Williams is wearing the elegantly classic Cubs Away uniform grays of the 1960s. The simple and iconic vintage Cubs emblem is fully featured on the sleeve. The …

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