Month: September 2010

chicago map wallet

y’know that extremely durable plastic-y paper material used for FedEx envelopes? It’s called Tyvek. People like to make wallets out of it. took the idea one step further and is selling Tyvek wallets with a map of the Chicago Loop. 15 bucks. I’m not looking for this as a Christmas gift, family members. I’m …

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problems with Modern Wing

The Tute is suing the designer/planner/engineer/consultant firm, ARUP, $10 million for problems encountered with the Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago. more at Some of the problems the Tute had to address during the construction process were cracks in the subfloor, improper air circulation for art, and whistling sounds from the flying …

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bottle walls

Yep, those are walls made of bottles. And yep, it’s a former beer factory (Blatz Brewery to be exact). And it’s in Milwaukee. From my quick scan of the archdaily post, it’s now a multi-purpose building. You can easily argue that bottle walls are trite, but given the context of it being a former beer …

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cantilever house

those poor cars, those poor poor cars. Cool house though. previous cantilever posts here, here, here, and here

snapdragon curveball

“He has a nasty snapdragon of a curveball.”-Cubs announcer, Bob Brenly, on Padres closer, Heath Bell a snapdragon curveball. I like that.

celebrity height chart

For no reason whatsoever, I became curious which male celebrities are shorter than me. To my surprise there are actual sites that claim to know the heights of celebrities. I won’t link to them because I question their authenticity. But it’s fun nonetheless to see which celebrities are potentially shorter and taller than me. And …

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